The 1st e-Public Relations International Congress



The 1st e-Public Relations International Congress Office and Secretariat Dept. has the great honor to invite professors, university students, managers and all Public Relations interested attendees to participate in the Congress via sending their essays about the below mentioned axis to provide accessibility of utilization from the recent scientific and professional products.


The suggested axis for the essays:


* Philosophy and Theoretical Basis of e-Public Relations

* History and Analysis of e-Public Relations Schema in the World

* Comparative Analysis of Traditional Public Relations and e-Public Relations

* e-Public Relations and Informative Society

* e-Public Relations and the Modern Communicative Technologies

* e-Public Relations, the different identity

* Culture and e-Public Relations

* e-Public Relations and the communicative infra-structures

* e-Public Relations, hinders, opportunities and future evolutions

* e-Public Relations, Planning, Strategic Management and Organizational    


* Organizational Sites Management in e-Public Relations

* e-Public Relations and e-Government

* e-Public Relations and allegorical/figurative cities

* e-Commerce and e-Public Relations

* Network Advertisement and Marketing in e-Public Relations

* e-Public Relations Techniques and Tactics

* e-Public Relations and Evolutions in Responding System

* e-Public Relations, Persuasion and Attraction the Public Opinion

* Evaluate Opinions in e-Public Relations

* Information Accessibility, Information Transmission and e-Public Relations

* e-Public Relations and Mass Communication

* Siber Journalism and e-Public Relations

* Web log and Web log writing in e-Public Relations

* The Sites and Web Logs Context Analysis in e-Public Relations

* Digital Skills in e-Public Relations

* Training in e-Public Relations

* Variation of Task and Staff Concept in e-Public Relations

* Security and Accessibility in e-Public Relations



The Essays specifications:


1- The transmitted essays should consist of the newest conclusions, data and  

    theoretical and practical opinions related to the Congress.

2- The transmitted essays should not have been published in any press or have been

    sent to any other congresses.

3- The essays should contain max. 15 pages of A4-paper with Nazanin Font-14 in

    Word XP.

4- The summery of the essays should be in one paragraph incl. 50-70 words about

    the main idea of the essays (The transmission of the summery is available through   

    the Congress Email address).

5- Indication of the alphabetical names of the resources and references (both in

    Persian and English) is necessary.

6- The authors’ full name, complete address, contact numbers and E-mail address

    should be mentioned at the end of the essays.

7- It is necessary to send one photo and the CD of the essays.



Date of Transmission:

The authors should send their essays until 16/August/2005.


Furthermore, the summery of the essays (max. 3 pages) should be transmitted to the Congress Office and Secretariat Department until 27/July/2005 including authors’ full name and complete address.


The 1st e-Public Relations International Congress Science Committee will select the best authors of the best essays and will award them from the Congress Office and Secretariat Department.



Secretariat Office:

No. 44, 5th Flor., Shirin Alley, Pourmousa St., Somayeh St., South Villa Ave., Tehran, Iran

Telefax: + 98 21 8922782-3